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The ITIL Foundation Certification course in Philadelphia by WorldLearnsHere.com is a Live Instructor led Online Training and Certification program designed to ensure that you get a complete understanding of the ITIL concepts and ensure that you clear the ITIL Foundation certification exam within the first attempt.

Course Description

This ITIL course includes 16 hours of Live Online Classroom Training lead by expert tutor AND The ITIL® Foundation certification Exam. We conduct batches both during the weekdays and weekends. Trainings are conducted in mornings, evenings as well as full day batches available every month.

Why our training?

Because we are the best and here's why

  1. We have a team of experianced, passionate and accredited tutors who implement scenerios and live case studies during the training
  2. We offer money back guarantee scheme we refund the money back to the candidates who find the training unsatisfactory.
  3. Any student who fails to attain the minimum pass mark set for the exam and has to retake is covered through our 'Exam Cover', which sponsors 50% of the exam retake fees.
  4. The training material used is of high quality and is accredited by axelos and exin.
  5. The students can follow ITIL training course timetable as per their convinience.
  6. Quizzes are usually conducted at the end of each chapter for enhancement of the skills
  7. we usually provide two simulation tests, To enable candidates to be fully prepared for the final exam.

Course objectives,

By the end of this ITIL course training you will:

  1. Makes you confident to sit and pass the ITIL exam.
  2. Gain vast experience in all the basic concepts of IT service management.
  3. Learn how to use and implement ITIL procedures, tools, models and processes to increase effectiveness at work and enhance customer experiences.
  4. Have a through understanding of the entire scope of IT Service management= service design, service strategy, service operations and continual service improvement
  5. Learn how to follow and use the ITIL best practices, which can be applied to help in centralizing organization's activities and teams in order to save costs and improve the efficiency of operations.
  6. Learn how to use ITIL concepts to automate activities and improve the IT service management procedures.


1Day 1 (4+1 Hours)
Learning unit 1
Course Introduction,
Introduction to Service Management Lifecycle
Principles of service management
The ITIL® Service lifecycle
Learning unit 2
Service Strategy
End of Day Online Quiz(Assignment)
2 Day 2 (4+1 Hours)
Recap of day one and review of the quiz
Learning unit 3 – Service Design
Learning unit 4 – Service Transition(Part 1)
End of Day Online Quiz(Assignment)
3 Day 3 ( 4+1 Hours)
Recap of Day two and review of the quiz
Learning unit 4 – Service Transition(Part 2)
Learning unit 5 – Service Operation
End of Day Online Quiz(Assignment)
4 Day 4 (4 + 1 Hours)
Recap of Day three and review of the quiz
Learning unit 6 – Continual Service Improvement
Learning unit 7 – Exam prep unit
Simulation Exam and discussion of the exams.
Additional Simulation exam
Final Certification Exam(Web proctored Anytime-Anywhere Exam)

About the Exam & Certification

The ITIL v3 certification exam is composed of 40 questions with each question carrying one mark. The questions have multiple choices and the minimum pass mark for the exam is 65%. Therefore, students need to attain at least 26 out of the 40 questions to pass. The exam duration is one hour. Candidates are advised to attempt every question.


1 How many questions make up The ITIL exam?
The exam has a total of 40 questions with a minimum pass mark of 65%.
2 How is the training delivered?
Our training is delivered through live online classroom broadcasts.
3 Who delivers the training?
We have a highly experienced team of ITIL professionals who provide training for our students. All the trainers are accredited and have a minimum of 15 years experience in ITIL.
4 When is the exam fees paid?
The exam fee is included, as part of the course fee, and therefore candidates do not need to make any further payments because we usually take care of it. What certification does a candidate get after training? After successful completion of the training, one gets the official Axelos ITIL foundation certification.
5 Who is eligible for certification?
Any interested person can be certified as long as they undergo the training and pass the exam.
6 Are there any special devices used in accessing the training?
No. Students can use laptops, tablets, iPads, PCs and smartphones to access the broadcasts. One needs to have reliable internet connectivity.
There are no Pre-requisites for the ITIL Foundation certification course
ITIL® is considered one of the top 10 certifications in the IT space ITIL has a global adoption with over 10,000 companies and organizations that have adopted ITIL® which means there is no shortage of job opportunities for ITIL certified people.

About WorldLearnsHere.com

World Learns Here is one of the most comprehensive virtual classroom and self learning portal in Project, IT service, and Quality management for the working professional world over. The online training program for ITIL certification in Philadelphia offered by WorldLearnsHere carries high standards and norms. Visit our website www.WorldLearnsHere.com for more. Visit our website www.WorldLearnsHere.com for more.

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